Essel Aidoo is a Ghanaian Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Drawing inspiration from his childhood living in Takoradi, a coastal city in Southern Ghana, and his experiences after relocating to New York City, his  work reflects the eclectic cultural, environmental and political impact these experiences have presented to him.

His primary focuses include Ceramic Sculpture, Fashion Styling and Art Direction.

Influenced by fleeting moments in his daily life, his ceramic work explores the dynamic interplay between nature and urban environments, incorporating organic shapes, colors, and textures. Each sculpture not only serves a functional purpose but also seeks to evoke the simple satisfaction of connecting with nature amidst the fast-paced urban lifestyle of NYC. .This yearning became more evident while working in furniture retail  management and design consultation. From this inside perspective, it inspired him to create sculptures that bring these grounding elements of nature into the spaces and lives of people around him.
Simultaneously, he explores the elegance and beauty of Blackness and our human interconnectedness through fashion styling.

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